Your local food bank needs

hot water bottles

The energy crisis and loss of the Universal Credit uplift mean vulnerable members of our community need support.

Donate hot water bottles to our food bank to help keep our community warm and well this winter.

Here's how to help

  1. Purchase a hot water bottle OR buy it on Amazon

  2. Take it to a drop off point

  3. Spread the word. Share with friends and family.

Drop off points

  • RKF Food Bank - 6-8 Greenleaf Road, E17 6QQ (Saturdays 9am-11am)

  • Yonder - 4-6 Hookers Road, E17 6DP

  • The Trades Hall - 61/63 Tower Hamlets Road, E17 4RQ

  • Bloom of the Block - 148 Hoe Street, E17 4QR

  • Queens Arms - 42 Orford Road, E17 9NJ

Thanks in advance for your support!

Spread the word

You can help vulnerable people in Walthamstow keep warm and well this winter by donating a hot water bottle. Visit to learn how. @rkfoundation1 #WalthamstowWarmUp

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Donate a hot water bottle for someone in need this winter. Visit to learn how.(
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